IPE Wood Buying Guide

Ipe is one of the most popular woods for outdoor decking, siding, and fencing because of its durability and beautiful appearance. It is also often FSC certified, ensuring that it has been harvested in responsible ways.
This wood on https://ipewoods.com/ is extremely hard and has an even greater density than steel! It is commonly referred to as the "hardest" hardwood on earth.
Because of its density and strength, it can withstand the pressure of heavy weights and changes in pressure without bending or breaking, making it perfect for many construction uses such as boat flooring, archery bows, and docks. It is also naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect infestation.
Compared to other hardwoods, ipe is very tough and can be very difficult to work with, so it needs to be carefully managed during construction. During this process, workers should wear protective clothing and gloves. Ipe dust is fine, so it can be irritating for those sensitive to it.
Ipe can be used for a wide range of projects, including exterior and interior decking, fencing, siding, boat flooring, furniture, and more. It can be sanded and finished with stain or paint to provide a rich, natural appearance.
It has a similar fire rating to concrete and is non-combustible. Its high density and tight grain make it highly resistant to rot and decay.
Ipe is also very resistant to mold and mildew, so you will never have to worry about fungus or insects growing underneath your ipe wood deck. It will also remain cool to walk on, no matter how hot it is outside.
Unlike plastic or composite materials, ipe disperses heat instead of absorbing it. This makes it a great choice for decks in warm climates.
When ipe is properly maintained, it can last 50 years or more. This longevity is the primary reason that so many architects specify ipe for their outdoor decking projects.
While ipe is an attractive option for a variety of applications, it’s important to consider the environmental and social impacts of its production. This tree is illegally harvested in many parts of the world, and is becoming more endangered as a result.
Another concern is that ipe dust can be harmful to those with allergies and asthma. The dust is very fine, and it can enter the lungs through inhalation. It is best to use protective gloves and a mask when working with this material. Click here to learn more about IPE wood at the comfort of your home.
The final issue to consider is that ipe wood is highly sought after, and is often very expensive. This high price tag can be a deterrent to some homeowners, but it’s still worth the investment in order to enjoy a long-lasting, beautiful ipe wood deck.

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